Manpower & Third Party Payers

Dr. Jane Purvis

The Manpower committee has been working on implementing several new and exciting projects.

We have created month long community elective opportunities for rheumatology residents in Ontario in Barrie, Sault Ste Marie, Kingston, Peterborough and Newmarket. This will be run through the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP), have been approved by the Royal College and will allow residents to get a taste of rheumatology as it is practiced away from the teaching centres.

This will also be an opportunity for those who wish to do some teaching a chance to participate in an organized, rewarding program which will also allow for continuing medical education for both teachers and learners. Anyone interested in participating, contact .

We are also working to create a program to list both short and long term locums in rheumatology in Ontario as well as a listing service for those rheumatologists looking for long term associates. If you are interested in doing locums, are looking for a locum or a long term associate, contact

Third Party Payers

The Third party payers committee has embarked on a new project with some great potential outcomes for both Ontario as well as Canadian rheumatologists and their patients. We are working in our capacity as both ORA and CRA representatives along with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) to try and create panCanadian renewal criteria and approval intervals for biologic access in RA that would be the same for all insurance companies. This would be the same concept as the already agreed to approval criteria and should, if successful, create a more seamless renewal process.

As well, the CRA and ORA, along with CLHIA are hoping to meet with the panCanadian Pharmaceutical Alliance to see if we can get all payers, both public and private, to agree to the same initial and renewal criteria for RA biologic access regardless of a patient’s geographic location or funding source. We would also plan to set up a committee with insurance and government representatives along with ORA/CRA to work collaboratively on RA criteria going forwards and then considering other diagnoses, if success is found in the RA project.