President’s Message

Dr. Henry Averns

Welcome to our Fall Newsletter where we report to our members how the Association continues to work on your behalf. Many of our members are reaching a point in their careers where retirement is on the horizon. How do you close your practice? What will happen to all of those patients on immunomodulatory therapy when you close your office? Will whomever takes over their care know how they reached their current destination?  The patient certainly will not remember anything that helps the new rheumatologist fill out an EAP application!

Meanwhile we have bright new talent entering our specialty and they have different concerns. Do they open up their own office, or do they perhaps become an associate in an existing practice. Do they really want to take over 1000 patients? Can they afford a lease? How do you employ a secretary? It has become apparent that at both ends of a working career we have real concerns.

The ORA manpower committee is actively engaging many members to develop robust help for members who wish to set up a practice and other members who perhaps need a locum or a partner. In the meantime, the ORA informatics committee is continuing to advocate for improvements in our EMRs  to make transfer of care more efficient and effective, and thus safer. Much of our work this year, and planned for 2018, concerns these manpower and informatics issues. As always, we welcome the advice and direction of our members to ensure that we continue to reflect your needs and concerns. Thank you for your continued support.

Dr. Henry Averns,
President, Ontario Rheumatology Association