President’s Message

Dr. Henry Averns

Now that the English weather has finally settled down I can be reminded of what Canada has to offer in the Summer, and joy is finally in my heart. I am sure however that those of you who were unable to attend this year’s AGM remain full of sadness and regret at missing the meeting. Avoid such woe by planning to come next year. This is one of the few opportunities to meet with our colleagues across the province.

Running the Fellows’ OSCE in association with the meeting was a great success and it was wonderful to be able to meet so many new colleagues and share with them the real value of collegiality which defines our association. The feedback from the meeting this year reassured us that we delivered on our promise to provide a meeting with a high academic content, with an appropriate balance of networking and social activities.

The ORA informatics project continues to move forward and promises great rewards in the coming years. We are taking things slowly and carefully by developing a robust governance framework which we will define and describe in the Fall. As always we enjoy hearing advice and feedback from members. Updates are available on the website.

This month we have been liaising with the EAP to address the ongoing saga of drug shortages, most recently s.c methotrexate. Our website is your best source for up to date information on these challenges . Of course we also provide the most up to date forms for the EAP, and watch out for updates on biosimilars and LU codes as the Summer progresses.

We are developing a Models of Care grant in memory of Bill Bensen. The Terms of Reference and description of this are currently in evolution, but the aim is for our Association to be able to offer support for projects around team based rheumatology and Models of Care.

I hope to be able to tell you more in our next Newsletter. I also remind you of ORADE, another source of support through the ORA which has allowed members to attend a number of meetings around the world.

I wish all of you a relaxing and peaceful Summer, and would like to pass on on my sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported me and the rest of the Board in delivering our agenda.

Dr Henry Averns
President, Ontario Rheumatology Association