President’s Message

Dr. Henry Averns

Welcome to our Summer newsletter.

Those of you who attended our AGM in Muskoka were able once again to network with colleagues and their families, and to become involved in the shaping of rheumatology services in the province.  As always we try to balance the academic, practice management and social aspects of the weekend. We are aware that for many of our members this represents a major journey and commitment, and thus next year the AGM will take place more centrally. We welcome advice and suggestions on how to continue to make this meeting resonate with our membership. A special thank you to our Scientific Chair, Dr. Janet Pope, for once again organizing an excellent meeting. Well done Janet!

We still plan to deliver on our ambition to help EMR users harness the data within their systems for personal practice quality and improvement projects. We are moving forward with a clear vision, but remain cautious to respect the frameworks around use of medical data, whilst at the same time developing dashboards, and maximizing the efficiency of collection of core outcome data.

As biosimilars gain traction in the market place the ORA recognizes the need to adopt a clear position with respect to their use. Specifically we recognize the many stakeholders with valuable perspectives. We have developed a position statement around administrative switching, that is, switching from one biologic to another biosimilar molecule, for non medical reasons. Across the world this is happening, predominantly driven by the need to carefully manage finite healthcare resources. To review the ORA position statement, please visit this link: Official Position Statement.

The Board of the ORA as always welcomes advice and feedback from members. We recognize the responsibility placed in our hands to represent your needs. We have adjusted our governance structure in response to the need to allow the board and committees better to be represented in our decision making process. We encourage members to join these committees and we welcome your involvement. In addition Dr. Derek Haaland has stepped down from the VP position to focus on other opportunities, and thus we are currently defining the future executive membership. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining this excellent team of professionals. For more information, contact Sandy Kennedy at

Have a fantastic Summer. Please save the date for our “All new” AGM in 2019 – *****