Communications Update

Dr. Felix Leung

Welcome to the Winter 2018 ORA newsletter!  It was less than one year ago we overhauled our newsletter to an upgraded, web-based format featuring enhanced graphics and colours, as well as links to access information faster.  Furthermore, we introduced responsive design to improve rendering across a variety of devices.

Remember the old static PDFs we used to send out?  This is way better!  Thanks for all the positive feedback.

The quarterly newsletter will continue to summarize the most important recent information for ORA members.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to read these essential and thought-provoking updates. As always, if you have something you wish to contribute, please contact our editor, Sandy Kennedy, at

We will also continue to send out occasional emails for urgent and time-sensitive issues.  We have been very careful and selective with what emails we send out in regards to interest and significance.  Trust me, I hate inbox overload as much as you do.

Please also visit our website,, where the most recent news and upcoming events are posted.  Speaking of upcoming events, I’m already getting excited for the ORA Annual General Meeting in May…stay warm till then!

Kindest regards