President’s Message

Dr. Henry Averns

Welcome to the Winter Newsletter. 2018 promises to be a year of shortages of generic drugs, and it is imperative that the ORA is able to react rapidly and definitively every time to ensure that our patients come to no harm.

Many of you will be aware of the role of the PCPA’s decision making process in regard to innovator and biosimilar drugs – Dr Lau has expanded on this in his contribution to this newsletter. The ORA advocates on your behalf on a weekly basis and we welcome advice and feedback on where our priorities should lie, particulalrly in respect of drug access.

My plan this year is to mature our therapeutics committee to ensure that it is able to rise to these challenges. This is a year where we need a clear and loud voice to advocate for the needs of our members and their patients.

We have made substantial changes to our governance structure – the new model will be presented at our next AGM, but I believe that it promises a Board which is representative geographically, and between academic and community rheumatologists. I am excited at the changes which I am confident will make the Association more responsive to and accountable to its members.

Enjoy the newsletter, and please consider getting involved!