President’s Message

The ORA is in safe hands. My recollection of being a junior doctor was of senior colleagues constantly harping on about how they worked harder, had more responsibility, more call etc, droning on like white noise. The same cannot be said for our early career rheumatologists and trainees – I am constantly inspired by their enthusiasm, collegiality, knowledge and attitudes to medicine, and feel totally confident that our specialty will thrive as the Old Guard finally being to hang up their stethoscopes.
Last week, under the excellent leadership of Dr Thanu Ruban, we had our first all day workshop for new rheumatologists,  learning everything from billing to leases, hiring and firing to where to buy your equipment. The day was a triumph, and I sincerely believe that every trainee in every specialty would have loved to have taken part.
And back to the Old Guard again I want to make special mention of Carter Thorne, who not only has been a staunch support personally to me over the last three years in this role, but who has been almost a lone voice identifying drug shortages way before the rest of us, and developing strategies to deal with them. Every time a prescription of a  drug in short supply is dispensed, you don’t have to look too far beyond the prescription to see that Carter has been calling companies, the ministry, the ORA board and advocacy groups to make sure that our patients receive their drug. Have no illusions, Carter has provided extraordinary leadership on the drug shortage issue and we should applaud him.
Please find time to browse the newsletter to see what else is happening. And if you have not booked time to attend the ORA AGM do it now! This year’s meeting looks incredible and will compete with all of the major meetings which take place across the globe each year